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The question is unavoidable.  It has been known for years that the Taliban and other insurgents have used western Pakistan as a staging ground for attacks into Afghanistan. The 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai, India originated in Pakistan and some of the terrorists who were captured stated that they were aided by Pakistan’s secret service. Now, with the discovery that Osama bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist in the world, had been living for years in Pakistan – indeed, in a part of Pakistan with very high security – one can only wonder: how could they not know?

Of course, Pakistan strongly denies that they provided a safe haven for Osama bin Laden, just as they emphatically deny providing a safe haven for the Taliban terrorists, and the terrorists who attacked India. However, what else could they say? Could they really be expected to come out and say, “OK, you caught us. We were helping bin Laden hide from the U.S.” It is a question that, practically speaking, can only be answered in the negative.  Therefore,a different question must be put to the Pakistani’s. Perhaps something like this: Did you not know it was Osama bin Laden because your security forces are incompetent or because they were lying to you or because you weren’t listening to them? Or was there some other reason why you didn’t know he was there. Could you please explain?

And, while you are explaining that, could you please explain why there are so many terrorists in western Pakistan and why the terrorists who attacked India came from Pakistan? The world would like to know.

It is interesting that the U.S. chose not to tell Pakistan in advance about the attack on Osama bin Laden. Now, we might ask: why? Was it because the U.S. just doesn’t trust the Pakistan government at any level – even the highest level? One is led to conclude that the U.S. government concluded it could not trust the government of Pakistan – so is this a way of saying that the U.S. believed that the Pakistan government deliberately aids terrorists or does it simply mean that it doesn’t think they can keep a secret? But, isn’t that sort of the same thing?

The facts about Pakistan are irrefutable. Pakistan is indeed a haven for terrorists. The question is whether they are a haven because they are weak and cannot control what goes on in their own country, or is it that they tacitly approve of the terrorists, or could it be that they secretly approve of terrorism?  On May 14th, the Pakistan Parliament condemned the U.S. attack on Osama bin Laden.

The government of Pakistan needs to speak now with a clear and unambiguous voice to the entire world. The government of Pakistan must clearly and emphatically join the rest of the civilized in the war on terrorism. There can be no middle ground on this point. They are either with us or they are against us. Right now they sound like they are more against us than for us…

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