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It was a suicide.  The private plane was deliberately flown into the Internal Revenue Service building in Austin.  The pilot left a suicide note on the Internet – a note that the FBI is now desperately trying to remove. Why is the FBI removing the pilot’s last words from the Internet? So you can’t read them, of course.  It is a little too late for that though. Rick Sanchez has already read some of the note live on CNN.  It’s a little hard now to suppress what the man thought.

I’ve written about this before – suicide attacks that is.  I wrote about it in my article on 9/11, that other suicide attack on a building.  Why do people commit suicide? There is really only one reason – they are desperate and they see no other solution to their problems.  The man who flew his plane into the IRS building was desperate, and he wrote a six page letter telling of his long struggles with financial problems, of how he wrote to his Senators and Congressmen but was always ignored.  He wrote about his difficulties with the IRS and his perception that he was being treated wrongly.  He wrote about American business and how they always get preferential treatment from the government while the people are left to suffer.  He wrote about the current economic meltdown and how the banks were thrown a massive economic lifeline – even though they were the proximate cause of the meltdown – while he, also a victim of the economy, received not a dime of help.

It was anger; no – rage. It was frustration.  It was despair. It was an act of revenge. It was a statement.

So, what are we to make of this? Is this a one time oddity? Does this attack mean anything for us or should we just ignore it and have another cup of Starbuck’s?  Consider this: ever since President Obama was elected, Americans have been arming themselves to the teeth.  Sales at Smith and Wesson have soared.  We have a new political party – sort of – the Tea Party. They are the party of “just leave us alone”. They don’t want to pay taxes. They don’t want national health care. They don’t want the government to do anything for them or to them. They want the government to just go away. The most popular person in the Republican Party is a dimwit from Alaska. The sole role of the Republican Party, since W left the White House, has been to obstruct everything the Democratic President wants to do – everything. It is not a question of what is good for the country. It is all about power, and it is most certainly not about what is good for you.

The country’s government is in gridlock. The only thing our government is able to agree upon is war. Who shall we bomb next, and when shall bomb them?  It’s good business for the defense contractors of course, but it’s not clear that we have Osama bin Laden too worried.  Or, that we even know where he is, for that matter.  What we have is the ultimate proof that President Eisenhower was right about the “industrial-military complex”, but does anybody really care? Certainly not Congress.

We have become a polarized country, perhaps dangerously polarized. Half of us want nothing to do with government, and the other half wants government to solve all of our problems. The first half thinks the second half are a bunch of naive fools. The second half thinks  the first half are lunatics. Meanwhile the oligarchs who run this country are busy having laws written to help their businesses. Tax laws are being written to give a unique advantage to certain types of businesses but not others, and certainly not to individuals who really have no power in this country at all. That’s because we are a republic and not a democracy.

The suicide pilot was not an idiot.  He was not a fool. He was not insane – he was desperate and he was angry. Sounds a lot like half the country right now. It’s probably appropriate that this incident happened in Texas, that most Republican of states. The Governor of Texas has recently talked of secession from the Union. He’s had it with the United States of America.  So, while the FBI scrambles to cover up that which everybody already has seen, and the rest of the government will undoubtedly scramble to portray this as an isolated incident perpetrated by a nut case, the American people may well be pondering something else.

Is this the canary in the coal mine?

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