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It’s official, the Republican Party is in full blown self-destruct mode.  The inmates are now running the asylum as the Grand Old Party lurches towards its inevitable end as a viable U.S. political party.  A candidate for the leadership of the Republican Party, Chip Saltsman, recently sent out CDs of the song “Barack the Magic Negro” to Republican Party Committee members in the belief that it would help him to win the Chairmanship of the Committee.  His actions are being defended by the usual gang of Republican apologists saying that it is all in good clean fun. It’s the American way of satire they say.

Back in May, Rush Limbaugh played the song on his radio show, which still has a few fans in the hills and hollers of Red Neck America.  Rush thought is was great fun and no doubt believed it would advance the cause of the Republican candidates in the Presidential election.  Instead there was an outpouring of criticism by decent Americans who were offended by Limbaugh’s blatant attempt to appeal to the racist inclination of America’s rapidly disappearing population of rednecks.

So this is what the Republican Party has finally come to: a weird collection of extremely rich, self-centered, misanthropes; a group of sadly misled Evangelicals, who in their search for Christianity follow equally misled demagogues who only preach ancient Judaic Law; and ignorant, racist, poorly-educated, hicks who swallow everything Rush Limbaugh has to say as if it were the spoken word of God.  Limbaugh has long tried to use his radio platform to try to define and influence Americans but now, as the Republican Party dissolves into a little puddle  of nastiness, Limbaugh and his followers can now be seen for what they truly are: they are not mainstream Americans, they do not represent America or its values, they have become the definition of America’s lunatic fringe.

While Limbaugh has been chuckling over his adolescent prank of playing racist parodies on the air, the entire world has embraced Barack Obama as no other President since John F. Kennedy.  Remember the crowds that turned out to see him in Germany?  Remember his warm reception by both Arabs and Israelis?  Remember the excitement about Barack in France and England?  He is loved and admired around the world and many nations would be proud to claim him as one of theirs. As an example, listen to this song about Barack from Ireland.

Limbaugh doesn’t get it.  He’s beyond redemption. There are many in the upper echelon’s of the Republican Party who don’t get it either. We’ve moved on.  It’s a new world and the 21st Century will see a blending of the races and cultures. The old, selfish, misers of the Republican Party don’t get it.  Their day is over. Their scheming financial policies, and their complete lack of integrity has nearly destroyed the financial systems of the entire world. Yet, they still think they can rally people to their side with racist songs and idiotic gibberish from people like Rush Limbaugh.

Change is coming and will soon sweep over us like a roaring tsunami, but the blind don’t see it.

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Barack Obama’s recent selection of Evangelical preacher Rick Warren to give the invocation prayer at the Presidential Inauguration has set off a firestorm of protests among the lesbian and gay communities in America. Warren is one of the leading Evangelical preachers in America and has a very large following. He has very strong views on some topics and is not afraid to state them. Obama claims that by having Warren participate in the Inauguration it will bring us together.

If there is a consistency in Obama’s actions since he won the election it is in his choices of people to be on his “team”. He has opted for diversity of opinions. It is clear that he believes that the answer to America’s fragmented society is a shotgun marriage of the spokesmen for these diverse groups into a single working entity. At least that seems to be the strategy with his Cabinet and it also seems to be the approach he is taking for his Inauguration. I suppose that, for completeness, he will now have to find some other spokesman for the people that Warren preaches against who will also have a role in the Inauguration. It is an interesting approach that Obama has taken, but it leaves me wondering about one thing: what is Obama’s own position now on religion?

For many years he was a member of the black Christian church community, but he decided to put some distance between him and that church after the antics of Pastor Wright caused considerable damage to his campaign. So, does this mean that Obama has renounced the black church? I recall that, in 1961, John F. Kennedy asked Cardinal Cushing to give the invocation at his Inauguration. Although Kennedy was the only Roman Catholic ever elected to be President of the United States, and there were plenty of people who were afraid that he would inflict his Catholic views on the nation, Kennedy went ahead and asked a Roman Catholic Cardinal to give the invocation. He remained true to his religious associations despite the potential for controversy.

While Obama’s search for unanimity and cohesion is admirable, I have to wonder if he is sacrificing something here that should not be sacrificed. What about Obama’s inner core? What about his core beliefs? He has renounced Pastor Wright as his spiritual adviser. Does this mean that Obama no longer has any spiritual adviser? Does this mean that, in his mind, the principal purpose of the invocation prayer is to provide an opportunity for more political and national bonding?

So far, his choice has clearly infuriated the gay and lesbian community and may have turned them against Obama. There are also many of other positions held by Pastor Warren that various Americans disagree with. So has Obama’s choice backfired? Was it a blunder that could burst into Inauguration day protests in D.C.? Has it really served to pull us closer together? How many Catholics are thrilled with his choice? How many Jews? How many Mormons? How many Lutherans or Episcopalians? The fact is that there is no one he could choose for this task that would serve to bring us together. Almost any choice he could make would be controversial. He would have been better searching for a preacher from the black church who more accurately represents his own inner beliefs – at least that would have been an authentic choice.

Barack, this was a blunder. There are times in government when you need to compromise, and there are times when you have to be true to your inner core. This was one of those “inner core” times. There are many Americans, not just gays and lesbians, who fervently hope that Pastor Warren doesn’t speak for your own strongly held inner beliefs.

I wonder, is it too late to reconsider your choice?

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Aren’t you getting just a little tired of Sarah Palin?  It might be different if she had something intelligent to say once in a while, but she doesn’t.  She just goes on and on with her mud-slinging, muck-raking, in-the-gutter type of campaigning that apparently has served her well in Alaska.  Her latest campaign ploy tries to paint Barack Obama as some sort of shady, terrorist associating, unknown quantity that might even be dangerous. If you ask me, it is Sarah Palin who might be dangerous because she has so little regard for the truth and seems to have only a passing acquaintance with honesty and straight talk. I thought that perhaps I could help Sarah out and fill in some of the blanks for her since she is apparently too lazy to find out for herself.

Barack Obama was born in the United States of America, in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1961. He is a United States Senator from Illinois.  His father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., was born in Kenya, and his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was born in Wichita, Kansas. His mother was of Irish-American descent.  His parents were divorced when he was two years old and he was raised by his mother until she died from cancer in 1995. At that time his maternal grandmother, Madelyn Lee Payne, took over his care. Madelyn’s husband (Barack’s grandfather), Stanley Armour Dunham, was a veteran of World War II and died in 1992. He is buried in Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu. One of Barack’s great-grandfathers was named Falmouth Kearney, an immigrant from Ireland who arrived in New York in 1850, a refugee from the Irish famine.

Barack Obama went to the first grade through the fourth grade in Indonesian public schools and then he returned to the U.S. He spent most of his childhood growing up in American households that had both Irish-American and English-American values. He went to the exclusive Punahou School in Honolulu as well as Columbia University and Harvard University. He spent a good part of his early adult life helping the poor people of Chicago.

For comparison, let’s look at John McCain. He is a United States Senator from Arizona.  He comes from a decidedly military family. He is self-described as Scots-Irish, i.e. Ulster Scots who were imported and “planted” in Northern Ireland in the 17th Century by the English government as part of their successful plan to subjugate Ireland.  His father, Admiral John S. McCain Jr., was Commander in Chief Pacific Command (CINCPAC) during the Viet Nam war. His grandfather, Admiral John S. McCain Sr., had several commands in World War II. He participated in the battles of Guadalcanal and Okinawa.  His great-great-grandfather, William A. McCain of Mississippi,  was a private in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, and was killed in battle. He had been a slave owner with fifty-two slaves who worked on the family’s 2,000 acre plantation in Carroll County,  Mississippi.

Sarah continues to speak at rallies strongly implying that Barack Obama is a terrorist or a terrorist sympathizer. I wonder if she also thinks that John McCain advocates slavery?

I hope these very short biographies help her to understand the truth. Both of these men are 21st Century United States Senators, and both are ardent supporters of the United States, its people, and its constitution.  However, they do see things differently and they have different solutions for the problems that confront the country and the world. But the patriotism and fairness of both men is beyond reproach.  If rabble-rousing Sarah can’t figure that out, or if she is simply Hell bent on distorting the truth and misleading the American public simply to win an election,  then she has no business pretending that she is capable of being Vice President of the United States, nor is she worthy of the title and its responsibilities.

Perhaps it’s time for her to do the right thing for America and step down.  It would be the patriotic thing to do.

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