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If there was one thing I didn’t expect when Barack Obama was elected President, it was the way our every day political processes would be transformed. Everyone knew that, in the old days, he had been a community organizer.  It was also clear that his campaign organization was far superior to that of John McCain.  Some might say that he organized his way to the Presidency.  I suppose that is a good thing, after all a President should be organized, shouldn’t he? Let the best organizer win.

However, now that he is President, I would have thought that the community organizing stuff would have stopped.  But it hasn’t. Not only has TEAM OBAMA not given up on organizing, the Republican Party has decided to fight fire with fire, and they have started organizing their base too!  Just look at the so-called Town Meetings that recently occurred across the country.  Disruption – that was the plan of the organized Republicans and, in many cases, they succeeded.  They were successful in preventing any useful discussion of the pros and cons of health care reform.  Instead they successfully instilled fear into their followers and then communicated that fear nationally on television to the majority of Americans who could only conclude, along with Barney Frank, that a lot of these people must be spending a lot of their time on some other planet.

Not to be outdone, TEAM OBAMA has ceaselessly put out the call for supporters of health care reform to to contact their Congressional representatives, to show up at Town Meetings, and to do whatever it takes to make their voices heard over the din of the Republican scaremongers.  Instead of a rational debate being waged in Congress, we have entrenched Republican Congressmen and Senators who, having lived for the past eight years with a “my way or the highway” philosophy, still don’t seem to understand that the Democrats have enough votes of their own to pass whatever they want – just like the Republicans did under President Bush.  We have an intransigent Congress, a Congress unable and unwilling to come to a consensus on almost anything.  So what happens?  The political organizers, the community organizers of both parties have taken over and have decided to organize us -as if that will have any effect at all.

Don’t they understand?  We don’t have a vote.  We already voted.  Remember?  This country isn’t a Democracy; it is a Republic.  It is only our elected representatives who get to vote now.  So what is the purpose of all this continuing community organizing?  We, the people, couldn’t change anything even if we wanted to.  The only thing all this organizing has accomplished is that it has disrupted any and all attempts at a rational discussion of the issues.  There is no doubt that this was the plan of the Republican Party – it was they who sent in the sappers and the berzerkers into the Town Meetings.  Their plan was to disrupt and destroy. Political guerrillas, they descended upon open public meetings with Congressmen and Senators, carrying signs and sometimes even guns,  and prevented open-minded talk.

This isn’t democracy.  It’s not even close.  This is what we get when our elected officials are paid off by lobbyists who represent America’s businesses.  This is what we get when we say nothing for years as our highest officials make kidnapping and torture a standard operating procedure.  This is what we get when we allow our elected officials to listen in on our private conversations without any cause, in violation of our Constitution, and we do nothing.  We morph.  We let ourselves be led, willing and unquestioning believers.  Lambs to the slaughter.  It’s a slippery slope we have been on.

If I could say one thing to both the Republican and Democratic Parties, I would say this: stop trying to organize me. Save that for the election years.  If you want to know what I think – ask me. Use the internet in a constructive way – if you dare.  Send me, send all of us, a list of questions via the internet.  We’ll tell you what we think. We don’t need no organization to do that.  Better still, take a vote. A real vote. Via the internet. It can be done securely. Look, if the internet is secure enough for trillions of dollars of banking transactions, it’s certainly secure enough for us to vote. Isn’t it?

So here’s a challenge to both of our American political parties.  Go ahead, organize me. Organize me so that I can vote directly on health care and my vote will actually, truly count. Let’s let all American voters use the internet to vote on the really big issues and tell our elected representatives to just deal with the small ones.  Let’s turn this country into a true democracy. We have the technology today. It can be done. It can be done almost overnight. So, all of you Washington organizers, go ahead.  You want to organize us? Just flip the switch.  Don’t use me, Organize Me.  Organize everyone, organize true freedom and democracy for America.

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