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With the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, the handwriting on the wall is now becoming legible.  The structure of the world’s national governments will be changing in the near future. This change is inevitable and simply follows the lead of businesses in becoming multinational organizations.  Many American businesses are now multinational and they use their new multinational identity to make handsome profits at the expense of the American citizen. Multinationals export the jobs of U.S. citizens to countries where the labor is much cheaper than American labor and then import their products, often with the same brand name they used when they were American made, and sell these to U.S. citizens. Meanwhile, U.S. citizens are unable to follow their former jobs overseas and these people often have to settle for a lower paying job than the one they had before.  It works great for business, but not so good for the average person – even though they think they are getting a great deal at Wal-Mart, people don’t realize that stores that primarily sell products that are made in other countries endanger purely American companies.

The European Union is a very powerful force in the world’s economy.  It’s currency, the Euro, is rapidly becoming the world’s dominant currency, while the dollar continually weakens in value.  In many ways, the EU is the United States of Europe, although many Europeans would hasten to deny that. The simple fact is that it is an alliance of twenty-seven countries that functions as a superstate.  Citizens of the EU can travel from one country to another as easily as Americans can travel from Texas to Connecticut. EU citizens can move, go to school, get a job, get medical care, and so forth in any EU country of their choosing. They just have to get up and go.

The result is that if there is job growth in Germany people go to Germany from Poland and work there.  If German jobs are exported to Ireland, then Germans are free to go to Ireland and apply for their old jobs.  How many Americans can go to China and get their job back? How many Americans can go to Canada and get free medical care?

The people of Europe have learned that small, individual countries don’t have much leverage in the modern world. To counter this they have created, and now significantly strengthened, the European superstate. Other countries, like Turkey, are clamoring to join.  It doesn’t take a genius to see where this is all heading. The leaders of twelve Asian countries recently met to discuss the possibility of creating an East Asian Union, modeled on the European Union. The idea has strong support from Japan.  The age of independent countries acting as separate economies is over.  It is very apparent that the economic success of the European Union is the model of the future, but is it the model for America?

Perhaps not. Not soon anyway. There will be resistance in America to create a North American Union or an American Union, encompassing North and South America, because American businesses are doing too well exploiting the cheap labor in remote countries, by exporting American jobs to those countries, and by selling their products to Americans. Of course these businesses don’t care that Americans have been using their credit cards to pay for all this and then they have been paying their credit card bills by buying and flipping houses in the great real estate Ponzi scheme.

Inevitably, in fact it is happening now, the U.S. economy has to suffer. Americans have to lose their jobs. We cannot compete with mega-countries like the EU and the East Asian Union.  The only course of action for the U.S. is to unite (you would think we would embrace that idea since that is the principle idea of the United States).  But this idea meets with a lot of resistance in the U.S. Most likely this is from the businessmen who are profiting from the current multinational thing and don’t see any profit for them in this new structure.  Nevertheless, it is inevitable.  It is the way the world is going. We can either become part of the movement or be swept away by it.

This natural process of combining small countries into larger mega-countries is part of a process that will inevitably lead to a single world community with a single, federal government and lots of local governments.  This is where world economic pressures are driving us.  This is the way political pressures are driving us. The U.S. has been slow to recognize the dominance of the EU as a financial and political power.  It appears that the U.S. is unaware of the desire for an East Asian Union.  Perhaps it is time for the sleeping giant to wake up from its slumber, before we find out that the rest of the world has grown far larger than us, and we have become nothing more than a sleeping midget.

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