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Our Commander in Chief, President George W. Bush, has just announced that he does not intend to visit New Orleans to check on the preparations for Hurricane Gustav. He said that he did not want his presence there to interfere with the process of evacuations and such. Interfere? I thought he was the Commander in Chief. Isn’t he supposed to interfere and be involved? What if General Petraeus said he had decided to issue his orders from Miami Beach because he didn’t want to interfere with operations on the ground? If our Commander in Chief is so concerned about interfering with things why has he made so many trips to Iraq in the middle of the “Daughter of all Wars”? (The last Iraq war was the Mother of all Wars.)

Our leader has said that maybe he’ll drop by New Orleans – maybe – after the storm has passed and the dust settles and the water drains to see how everything turned out – if it doesn’t cause too much of a disturbance and get too much attention from all the newly homeless autograph seekers and such. So what is our Commander in Chief doing during this critical time of the ramp up to the Hurricane’s onslaught? He will be going to San Antonio (that’s in Texas) to check up on the readiness of their stockpiles of relief supplies and such. Texas. Yep, our Commander in Chief is taking charge of the situation by going to Texas… heh…heh…heh, heh…heh, heh, heh….hah…hah…hah, hah…hah,hah,hah…HA, HA,…HA, HA,HA,HA,HA,HA…

Sorry. I got carried away there. Do you ever do that? You know, tend to laugh at inappropriate times? I mean, I know this is serious and the people of New Orleans and other places around the Gulf are in really big trouble and they can rely on are the paper pushers of FEMA to do another heckuva job, and President Bush is fulfilling his Commander in Chief duties by checking up on the status of San Antonio…. I always thought leaders led from the front, not the rear. And Cheney. Where’s he? Probably holed up in one of his secret subterranean passages somewhere. I know it’s not funny. It’s truly ridiculous.

I wonder what Sarah Palin would do if she were in charge. This is serious too. You know, in case, well I don’t want to say it, but as Hillary said, we all remember Bobby Kennedy and such. So let’s assume our Commander in Chief was the indomitable Sarah Palin. Would she just rush off to see how things were going in Alaska? HECK NO! (I would have said HELL NO! but she is an Evangelical and I wouldn’t want to offend her delicate sensibilities). Anyway, I’m sure she wouldn’t go to Alaska, and that alone shows how much better she would be than W…It’s pretty easy being better than W, isn’t it?

Let’s see. What exactly would Sarah do? Would she draw on her experience in crisis management during her years in the PTA? Probably. They tend to have lots of crises in those types of organizations. Would she see these almost back-to-back hurricanes as God’s judgment on those misbehaving people of New Orleans? Whoa….hold on….just hold on there a minute, Fred. I think I might be treading into dangerous territory here, so I’ll just do like George W and fly over this whole thing. Maybe I’ll come back to that Evangelical topic another time when things have calmed down – just like W’s strategy in a way, I guess.

But…I have to say it…she is a right wing Evangelical “Christian”, and I have to assume she has their world view and….well, you know what I mean, right? I mean, two hurricanes almost BACK-TO-BACK… hardly a coincidence, right? Think about the facts people…. And then think about this: how many hurricanes do they get up there in Alaska?

See my point? There you go.

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