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I suppose Sarah Palin gets a bit of satisfaction from the title of her new book, Going Rogue.  It’s sort of an “in-your-face” taunt back at Tina Fey’s classic Saturday Night Live impression during the last election campaign, as well as at some of her other critics who also accused her of going rogue at the time.   I recall it all ended rather badly for the McCain/Palin team as the American public chose Barack Obama for President.  So, isn’t it just a little bit puzzling that Sarah’s new book is now number 1 on Amazon’s best seller list?  If so many American’s rejected McCain/Palin why are so many buying her book?  Do they even care what she thinks?  Even more puzzling is why so many are buying another book that is the #2 best seller on Amazon. I’m talking about Glenn Beck’s book, Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government.

Palin and Beck.  Number 1 and number 2 on the Amazon best seller list.  This is the list of best selling BOOKS I’m talking about, not video games. These are supposedly serious books that are read by serious readers, and this simple fact is something that should give the average American pause.  First, let’s consider Sarah Palin.  Clearly not noted for her shining intellect – remember her interview with Katie Couric? Time and again she proved that she had only the slightest knowledge of foreign affairs.  She couldn’t name a single newspaper or magazine that she read. She had, and continues to have, enormous difficulty in speaking the English language, preferring to speak in short, clipped phrases, often leaving out the subject of her sentence, and not overly concerned with being grammatically correct.  One can only wonder how she managed to write a book that bears any semblance of coherent thought… (Hmmm…maybe it doesn’t).

And then there’s Glenn Beck.  he is more of a carnival barker and shill for the Republican Party than a news reporter interested in getting out the truth.  He has a distinct gift for outrageously twisting and distorting facts, and then serving up his grotesque visions as insights for those members of the American public who believe that Fox television actually broadcasts news. His book, though it barely has a three star rating on Amazon, is in second place in sales.  Really.  Palin and Beck, number 1 and number 2 in book sales in America.  Frankly, I had no idea that the fanatical, extreme, right wing of America actually reads books.  So this is what they read…

The question that comes to mind though is this: is it only the lunatic fringe that is reading these books? If so, just how big is the lunatic fringe anyway, and should it still be called the “fringe”.  Could it be that lunacy has now become mainstream in America?  Could it be that the entire country, at least the majority of those who read books, have gone over the edge?  Have we, as a country, gone rogue?  Wait, maybe there is another explanation that makes more sense.  Maybe Americans just don’t buy very many books anymore. Remember when to be a bestseller you had to sell a million copies?  Maybe that’s not true anymore.  Perhaps people aren’t buying too many books during this worldwide Great Recession.  Maybe the rules have changed and you only have to sell a thousand books to be number 1 on the best seller list these days.  Could that be it?

Or wait, maybe there really are a lot of Americans from the center and the left who are buying millions of the Palin and Beck books too – but they are doing it just for all the laughs and chuckles they get when they read them – sort of like reading a joke book.  Could that be it?

Or, could the sad truth be that America has finally gone rogue?  Have we all sort of mystically drunk the Kool-Aid of the extreme right?  Has there been some sort of weird subliminal message campaign inflicted upon the liberal left to make us all order Sarah’s book a month before it even comes out and shoot it to the top of the charts?  Could that be it?  A vast right wing conspiracy to indoctrinate Americans as they channel surf past Fox news?  Come to think of it, doesn’t Glenn Beck have sort of weird hypnotic looking eyes?  And Sarah Palin, the way she talks so incoherently, could it be she is really just planting subtle and subliminal messages in our brains – a message simply saying “Go rogue, America…go rogue…go rogue”?  Could that be it?

I wonder what Glenn Beck would say about my theory, and even more importantly, does Sarah Palin have the courage to deny it?

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