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It’s the “Fair Tax”.  Promoted by Mike Huckabee, a prominent Republican and former candidate for President, the “Fair Tax” is anything but fair.  That, of course, is the beauty of the whole idea.  It’s a classic Republican Party ploy, twisting the meaning of words, deceiving the people, and above all, always seeking to enrich the already wealthy at the expense of the middle class.  The proponents of this tax scheme (a millionaire’s dream) have their own website where they try to justify the idea claiming that this is the only tax we need. They say we can eliminate our income tax, estate tax, capital gains tax, and so forth. Basically we can get rid of all the taxes the wealthy people hate to pay.

So how does this work? We create a national sales tax – like the European Value Added Tax – and tax everything that is sold.  The theory is that when the billionaires buy their mansions and their yachts they will get socked with a massive tax while you will only pay a small tax because you are only being taxed on your pathetically small purchases of milk and eggs and such.  Sounds good, doesn’t it? It does at first until you realize that everybody eats food and the billionaire probably doesn’t eat any more pancakes than you do. However, you and the billionaire will pay the same tax on the food you eat.  Same with the tax on clothing, heat, gasoline, medical care, you name it. You will be taxed every time you turn around and so will the billionaire.  And that is what the billionaire wants.  As for the billionaire’s mansion and yacht – he already owns his mansion and yacht – there’s no tax for him there.

The wealthy man can play this game all day long and not feel a thing but you, who can hardly save a dime because you need to use everything you make just to pay your living expenses will now be taxed on every single financial transaction you make. Is that fair?  Is it fair that the fat cat millionaires will pay zero income tax? Is it fair that he will pay zero capital gains tax on all the money he makes on his stock investments?  Is it fair that the wealthy can pass on their accumulated wealth to their heirs, even it is $100 billion and pay absolutely no tax so that fortunes can stay in a particular family forever and never be taxed? What these people want is a return to feudal society where his lordship owns all the land and the money and never pays tax, except for the few things he buys in the marketplace, while you pay the entire burden of the cost of the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Social Security, and every other government department and expense based upon a nasty little tax on every single thing you ever buy.

And they, the Republicans, call this a “Fair Tax”.  And they have gullible, innocent people who are suckered into their handwaving, deceptive arguments. And one of the leaders is Mike Huckabee.  Mike Huckabee is an ordained Baptist minister.  Think about that for a minute.  A so-called Christian minister promoting a tax scheme that would cause unbearable suffering for the poor and middle class, but would greatly enrich the wealthiest people in the United States.

It isn’t a fair tax.  It is the unfairest tax you could possibly imagine.  It is a trick and a fraud that is meant to dupe the unsophisticated American voter into voting for legislation that would shift almost all the tax burden onto the lower class.  It is the “class warfare” that John McCain likes to talk about, except he only talks about “class warfare” when the wealthy have to pay their fair share by paying income tax, estate tax, and capital gains tax.

Don’t be fooled, the “Fair Tax” is a phony gimmick that would shift the vast burden of taxes to those who can least afford to pay.  As John McCain might say: it’s class warfare.

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